GARDEN 2A small garden patch in our back yard is waiting for the arrival of spring.  We will plant an abundance of glorious  flowers and possibly some select herbs for cooking.  The patch looks empty and dormant now, but it contains this amazing potential for new life under the right conditions.  With some

Growing saints is not an inaccessible idea when seen through an ecological lense.  Saints, holy people, are grown.  The process is organic.  God uses the fertile, nutrient rich soil of sanctified, holy others in whose company the seed of an individual’s life in the Spirit is entrusted.  God then produces the fruit of faithfulness and obedience.  Jesus made it clear when he declared, “If you remain in me and I remain in you, you will bear much fruit” (John 15:5).  In short, God establishes garden patches where in the company of others new life in Christ sprouts up. It is nurtured into maturity and fulfills God’s intended plan of sanctification.  He trusts the patch to us all to the glory of the Father.  The garden patch of social holiness is his way of growing saints.  Thanks be to God!

They will be like a well watered garden . . Jeremiah 31:12


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